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French researchers from IFREMER, CNRS and IRD are coming together to present OneOceanScience

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Laetitia Hédouin & Serge Planes

Solutions to save coral reefs from climate change

French National Centre for Scientific Research

Thermal expansion associated with ocean warming accounts for 30-40% of the observed rise in sea levels.

Supporting fisheries in a changing climate

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Laetitia Hédouin & Serge Planes

Laetitia Hédouin & Serge Planes

Laetitia Hédouin is a CNRS researcher at the CRIOBE based in Mo’orea, French Polynesia, since 2010. Her expertise lies initially into understanding coral physiology and ecology to anthropogenic stressor, but she is also heavily involved into development of solutions to save and protect corals from climate change (evolution assisted, assisted restoration, refuges).

Serge Planes is research director at the CNRS. He is specialist in population genetics of marine fauna. Presently, he heads the French centre of excellence dedicate to coral reefs. Recently, the first application of kinship analysis methods to the marine world has opened the way to new questions about evolution and dispersal in marine species.

About CNRS

The French National Centre for Scientific Research is among the world's leading research institutions. Its scientists explore the living world, matter, the Universe, and the functioning of human societies in order to meet the major challenges of today and tomorrow. Internationally recognised for the excellence of its scientific research, the CNRS is a reference in the world of research and development, as well as for the general public.

Our action for climate change

Today, research on the ocean is proving to be essential worldwide for the preservation of the Earth and human societies. The CNRS relies on its many interdisciplinary research resources. The organisation is also taking action to raise general awareness of the critical state of the ocean, but also of the solutions that research will provide. This is the only way we can make progress.