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French researchers from IFREMER, CNRS and IRD are coming together to present OneOceanScience

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Virginie Thierry

Climate change in the deep ocean: What we know

French Institute of Marine Science

Thermal expansion associated with ocean warming accounts for 30-40% of the observed rise in sea levels.

Why we need to better understand the sensitivity of the Southern Ocean to climate change
Sarah Fawcett

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Virginie Thierry

Virginie Thierry

I’m a physical oceanographer at Ifremer. I obtain and use data to learn more about how the ocean works. This data tells us about the current state of the ocean and its evolution over time. It shows the reality of climate change and is an invaluable resource for future generations.


A pioneer in ocean science, IFREMER’s cutting-edge research is grounded in sustainable development and open science. Our vision is to advance science, expertise and innovation to : Protect and restore the ocean Sustainably use marine resources to benefit society Create and share ocean data, information & knowledge.

Our action for climate change

The ocean is a powerful climate regulator that stores and redistributes excess heat. Rising greenhouse gas emissions cause climate changes that disrupt the ocean's physicochemical mechanisms and equilibriums in ways never before experienced by humanity: altered oceanic circulation, acidification, extreme weather phenomena, and higher sea levels. Ifremer is committed to understanding the connections between the ocean and the climate and, more generally, how marine ecosystems and organisms are reacting to these extensive and ongoing changes.