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French researchers from IFREMER, CNRS and IRD are coming together to present OneOceanScience

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Joe Scutt Phillips

Monitoring the past, present and future of the world’s largest tuna fishery

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The Pacific Community – NOUMEA

The ocean has absorbed 93% of the excess heat from climate changes caused by human activity.

Marine technology: Helping us to go deeper, further and longer
Matt Mowlem

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Joe Scutt Phillips

Joe Scutt Phillips

Joe Scutt Phillips is a fisheries scientist at The Pacific Community, working on the region’s tuna ecosystem science. After gaining his BSc at UEA in the UK, he worked for two years in the Cook Islands and Pitcairn. In 2010 he was awarded a PhD scholarship from the University of Southampton, completing it in 2015 on the movement behaviours of tropical tunas.

About SPC

The Pacific Community (SPC) has been supporting sustainable development in the Pacific, through science, knowledge and innovation since 1947. It is the principal intergovernmental organization in the region, owned and governed by its 26 member countries and territories.

Our action for climate change

SPC’s Oceanic Fisheries Programme is the Pacific regional centre for tuna fisheries research fishery monitoring, stock assessment and data management. OFP is developing tools and approaches to predict the future state of the world’ largest tuna fisheries and marine ecosystems under differing climate scenarios.