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Nedo Vrgoč

Marine fisheries in the changing environment. What is happening with autochthonic species?

Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries

Deoxygenation is now considered to be one of the three biggest dangers for the ocean, along with climate warming and acidification.

Why ocean science is critical for the future
Alistair Hobday

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Nedo Vrgoč

Nedo Vrgoč

Dr Nedo Vrgoč is head of the Laboratory of Fisheries Science and Management of Pelagic and Demersal Resources. His main aim is to ensure synergy between fisheries scientists, fishermen and policymakers in the common battle for sustainable fisheries.

About IZOR

The Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries was founded in 1930 as the first national scientific institution dedicated to marine research in Croatia. The scientific activity of the Institute has been multidisciplinary from the beginning, encompassing biological, chemical and physical oceanography as well as sedimentology, fishery and mariculture.

Our action for climate change

The Institute has participated in a variety of research that had collected valuable long term data sets, biological, chemical and physical. Those data now play an important role in observing, revealing and predicting the changes in our environment.