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French researchers from IFREMER, CNRS and IRD are coming together to present OneOceanScience

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Alistair Hobday

Why ocean science is critical for the future

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Over the 2008-2017 decade, the ocean absorbed 2.4 billion tons of carbon per year.

Climate change impacts and adaptation in Tunisian waters
Olfa Chaieb

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Alistair Hobday

Alistair Hobday

Dr Alistair Hobday’s research spans spatial management and migration of large pelagic species, environmental influences on marine species, the impacts of climate change and climate extremes on marine resources, and development and testing of adaptation options for marine conservation, fisheries, and aquaculture.



As Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation solves the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology. We use collaborative science to help generate solutions for food security and quality; clean energy and resources; health and wellbeing; resilient and valuable environments; innovative industries; and a secure Australia and region.

Our action for climate change

Our science is informing marine climate change adaptation solutions and sustainable development of coastal and ocean resources including monitoring environmental impacts, observational and modelling capabilities of coastal assets, conservation of marine biodiversity, and building blue industries.