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French researchers from IFREMER, CNRS and IRD are coming together to present OneOceanScience

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Baris Salihoglu

What are the effects of climate change on our regional seas ?

Middle East Technical University, Institute of Marine Sciences

The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and holds 97% of its water resources.

Interactions between climate and the river-sea systems
Adrian Stanica

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Baris Salihoglu

Baris Salihoglu

Prof. Dr. Baris Salihoglu is Director of the METU Institute of Marine Sciences and coordinator of DEKOSIM - Centre for Marine Ecosystem and Climate Research project. His research interests cover various topics, ranging from mathematical modelling of marine ecosystems to descriptive physical oceanography.


METU-IMS is Turkey's leading marine science institute with graduate education and research. The Institute carries out research (observational and theoretical) on the national and international waters with a vision of integrating fundamental research, blue growth solutions and public outreach towards sustainable management of aquatic ecosystems.

Our action for climate change

DEKOSIM Centre for Marine Ecosystems and Climate Research was established at METU-IMS to provide information and technical infrastructure support to all organizations related to the sea in Turkey. Within the scope of DEKOSIM, observation systems that can conduct long-term and continuous measurements in Turkish seas are established.